Vehicle Diagnostics


Do you have Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) installed in your vehicle? Did you know that you can make driving even safer with ADAS?

There is always a present danger when you’re on the road. Even when you have followed basic driving and traffic rules to the dot, there will still be a chance that you would encounter an accident. There are multiple factors to this, but the most common ones are the mischievous few that violate traffic rules and end up dragging everyone down with them.

Fortunately, there is a way to make your driving trips even safer! KeyCal is a vehicle diagnostics provider, and what we can offer can save your life and others.

What are Vehicle Diagnostics?

Vehicle Diagnostics, as the term might suggest, refers to a comprehensive vehicular check-up that aims to identify the key problems of your vehicle. These problems might have something to do with the transmission, oil tank, gas tank, exhaust system, and other components of the vehicle.

Even if your car isn’t showing any signs of damage now, regular trips to a vehicle diagnostics provider like KeyCal will save you more money further down the line. With this, you can prevent and avoid potential danger in the future.

If you want to make sure that your vehicle is fault free, then getting a vehicle diagnostic is the way to go. More importantly, vehicle diagnostics also highlights the importance of having some form of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems installed in your vehicle.

Some of the major features of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems are:

  • Automated vehicle systems for safer driving
  • High-end tech designed to prevent road accidents
  • Optimised overall car systems for a better driving experience
  • Designed with safe human-machine interface

All these features help to increase the safety of the person driving the car and everyone else on the road.

This smart system relies on inputs from data sources which will be installed in your vehicle. The system design is streamlined, so data is gathered quickly with little to no lag at all. These inputs come from devices like:

Depending on the results of your vehicle diagnostics, we can identify underlying system faults, failed or out of tolerance sensors, and which ADAS systems require calibration.

KeyCal: The Key to Comprehensive Vehicle Diagnostics Starts with Us

KeyCal has a lot to offer and it all starts with a Vehicle Diagnostics pre-scan. With an expert technician using the latest technology diagnostic equipment, we make sure that all systems are thoroughly checked.

We have the full Autel ADAS calibration set that is updated daily to ensure the latest OEM calibration standards are adhered to.

Check out more of our products and services on our website. If your vehicle requires a diagnostic scan or ADAS calibration, then book an appointment with us.

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